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Geared Up with an Xbox

Morning all! I was writing this last night, when a minor system error convinced me I was up a little late. So, here I am finishing this off Saturday morning!

I think I can officially say my splurge is over. I just bought three new Heavy Gear supplements in two days - Raids & Raiders Thursday, and both the Spaceship Compendia yesterday. All three look like they'll come in handy for the Black Talon Campaign. Heck, Raids & Raiders has stuff in it that I think should have gone into the Black Talon Field Guide (and no, I'm not talking about the Dark Series space Gears)!

I also picked up Dead or Alive 3 for the Xbox at Grace Bros. George Street at 15% off yesterday. Grace Bros. has a sale going at most, if not all, of its stores; 15% off all PC, GameCube, PSOne, PS2 and Xbox games (I bought Halo at Burwood under that deal). It ends tomorrow, so if you want to take advantage, you'd better get your skates on.

Although it's tricky to get the hang of, I look at DOA3 as rounding out the staple console game genres. When someone drops around and wants to play something, I'll have 'em covered: I have a shooter (Halo), a car racer (Rallisport Challenge), a party game (Fuzion Frenzy) and now a fighting game. The only things I don't have are a sports game and a platformer. The sports game situation should be fixed by the end of the month; I've traded in Project Gotham Racing at Electronics Boutique toward Sega Soccer Slam, which looks like a whole bundle of fun (yes, I know it's not a "legitimate" sports game; see previous comment re: "bundle of fun"). They were out of stock, so it's on lay by/pre-order for when it arrives. I'm in no real hurry to get a platformer; the currently available offerings seem less than thrilling. Still, there's ToeJam & Earl III, due out near the end of the month, which looks wacky enough to be fun! There's also an Australian platformer in development for the Xbox, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, so I might support the local talent instead. One (or maybe both) of those will probably go on the Christmas list, depending on the reviews they get.

You did read it right above; I traded Project Gotham Racing in. It was on the cards before I even bought the High Octane Pack anyway, and trying to play PGR was, for me, an arduous experience. I dunno; the learning curve was too steep, and continually going just a second or two over the required lap time to progress to the next level, even after I (sort of) got the hang of cornering just got too annoying. Comparatively, Rallisport Challenge is most enjoyable, especially as it gives you some wiggle-room on most corners. As there aren't often barriers, you're not penalised as much for missing the corner aside from a slight loss of speed (in PGR, you will hit a barrier if you miss a corner, any corner). And Cameron and I had a blast in multiplayer when I hauled the Xbox over to his place last Friday night.

So yeah, there's nothing else I want to blow some disposable income on. Now I'll start shopping for the stuff I actually need, like new clothes. Actually, I've already started; I bought myself some new socks on Monday. Yes, I know, you all really needed to know about the socks. Come on, quit bitching; you should be expecting that sort of stuff from this list by now!

I tried calling Cameron yesterday; I wanted to see whether he was interested in seeing Goldmember this evening (Vickie hates Austin Powers with a passion, so I'm not about to subject her to the third in the series). Unfortunately, he didn't answer the phone or reply to the message I left. One only hopes he was busy with something worthwhile, like work or girlfriend.

The next Heavy Gear: Black Talon session has been set for October 26th, so I'd better get my skates on and get writing. I have a pretty good idea of what's going to happen, though, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm also tweaking the website a bit, and I need a little help with something, so I'll probably update it again in the next couple of days.

Nick Irving has also asked me if I can help him write a Heavy Gear module (presumably for MacCon). As it'll (probably) be less work than writing Honour and the Regiment in two months, I've said yes - also, Nick has a pretty funky idea. I be liking.

Although he could just be making up a legitimate excuse to pop over our place and plant himself in front of the TV with Rallisport Challenge...

So what's on for this weekend? General cleanup, I think; we'll go through the joint and get some stuff tidied up. And, if I get my way, there may actually be a little Neverwinter in the offing. ;-D

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