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Xbox Pwnz J00

Evening all! The semi-planned splurge for Vickie 'n' me came about yesterday and today. I am now the (slightly) proud owner of an Xbox game console. And before anyone says anything, I will save them the effort: Indeed, I am Microsoft's butt monkey. Whatever. ;-)

I picked up the High Octane Racing Pack (which has Project Gotham Racing, RalliSport Challenge and the book Diary of a Champion by Mark Skaife), Fuzion Frenzy, an extra controller, a Controller S (for those digitally challenged of you, including Vickie), an Advanced AV Cable and, of course, Halo. On top of that, I finally bought The Matrix on DVD and the copy of Neverwinter Nights I've been meaning to buy for Vickie for ages. We'll probably fiddle with that on Monday.

Oh yeah; Halo is fun. I be liking very much so far.

Tomorrow is our big outing; we'll be off to Old Sydney Town and then on to Terrigal.

Sorry to all those who were expecting us at Necronomicon this arvo; we were busy with shopping and suchlike today. With a little luck we should be able to make it down for a little while on Monday (no, I'm afraid we won't be staying for the pub, especially as we both have to work the next day).

We've also set a tentative date for the next Black Talon session; October 26th. So I'll have to get writing between now and then! I think November is going to be a busy month for the lot of us, so the date for Session 3 is a little hazier.

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