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Was It Good For You, Too?

Yep, I got game yesterday. Unfortunately, Vickie didn't, I'm sad to say; she rediscovered a twenty-year-dormant-allergy to eggs on Saturday morning after she cooked us a four-egg omelete each on Friday night and was itching all over. (A fucking shame as she was looking forward to the game as much as I was - but she said she'd kill me if I didn't go, so what can a husband do, eh?)

But if you'd like to see how things went - and I'll wreck the story for you, it was a learning process and we had some trouble, but in the end it (for me at least) rocked - read this.

UPDATE 3:30 PM: Well, it looks as though I wasn't the only one yesterday's session rocked for! Cristel gives her opinion!

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