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When It Rains...

We've met our new friends and fellow gamers, Simon and Cristel, and I've had a game with them. The question now, of course is what next, gaming-wise? And when?

Actually, it's seeming like the question is, what not to play next? Vickie, Simon, Cristel and I have been discussing options over IM, and so far we seem almost spoiled for choice:

  • Simon and Cristel have both been playing AD&D 2nd. Edition for a while. Simon's not particularly keen on 3rd Edition, but he is also a keen Traveller nut.
  • Cristel, I think, likes her games rather fantastic, if her feedback on yesterday's Dogs in the Vineyard is anything to go by. As to whether she has any specific preferences, I'm not sure.
  • Vickie enjoyed the Heavy Gear campaign I ran in 03/04 and would like to play that again, provided she gets to keep Miki Hirami. As Miz Hirami was written as a Black Talon pilot, that will mean going with something other than the BTs would likely mean coming up with a new version of the Peacekeeper from the Mekong Dominion. Aside from that, Vickie's comfortable with going with the flow, as long as someone can explain any complex rules on the fly.
  • And me? Well, let's see:
    • Now that I've got an idea of how Dogs in the Vineyard is meant to run, I'd be keen on GMing that again on a semi-regular basis. Vickie stil has yet to play it also.
    • Personally, I wouldn't mind another bash at Heavy Gear either. Dunno if it'll be Black Talon, but we'll see. (I'm still keen on the whole Dueling idea.)
    • There's always Serenity, which is a kind of Traveller Light, I think.
    • I've loaned Simon and Cristel my Firefly DVDs, not as homework for a game, just a "This is cool. You will enjoy." thing. Still, you never know, it might get them keen. (I also loaned them the Batllestar Galactica pilot miniseries.)
    • I do get the feeling that Simon and Cristel might also be moving away from rules-heaviness a bit, so maybe Primetime Adventures would be their taste.
    • And then there's always PARANOIA, although Vickie's not keen on it and you really need at least four players.

On top of all that, though, the gent who organises the games at Trinity Bay State High has announced that the first Gaming Night of the year will be on March 17th (yep, St. Patrick's Day). It's going to be an RPGA Living Greyhawk module, naturally, but I've signed up. Because Bruce was having a hard time finding DMs, I stuck my hand up for that as well; as the module is set for a low APL (Average Player Level), I probably won't get chewed up and spat out - well, not too quickly anyway.

I tell you what, the last few week has been one heck of a turn around gaming-wise, compared to the past year!

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Hey, is there a Firefly (been converted, you can thank Craig Walker for that one) RPG...

If not, can we make one?

'Fraid not, Mandi. There was lots of speculation after Firefly came out, especially from fans of Eden Studios' Buffy and Angel RPGs who wanted to see the third in Joss' Trinity join the RPG studio. Sadly, from a comment (I believe) one of the Eden Studios guys made, Fox priced the license outside what they could afford, and I think by the time Universal was producing Serenity, Eden had other irons in the fire. (Like Army of Darkness: The RPG!)

Aside from that, there've been a couple of unofficial conversions for various systems, including an article in an "Eden Studios Presents" magazine that presented a Unisystem conversion that was a nod-and-wink to Firefly without infringing on any copyrights or trademarks.

Sreiously, though, Mandi, if you're keen on Firefly roleplay, get the Serenity RPG. It's a Firefly RPG in all but name; the sheer volume of references to the series in the book is staggering! There's the "Big Damn Hero" PC power level, "Here's where we meet the real you." at the beginning of character creation, Vera makes a guest appearance in Jayne's character sheet, Adelai Niska is mentioned - hell, even Higgins' Moon is in the universe chapter, and in its entry Jayne is mentioned as "The Hero of Canton." The "Skills" chapter is great, as it turns events in the series into one-line examples of skill use (like "build a functional flying ambulance using only spare parts found in a junkyard.")

(Oh, and by the way, Vickie and I had a chuckle at those text messages you sent us while watching Serenity!)

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