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Indicator of an Unhealthy Fixation


Well, after I put that thread up over on the Forge's Actual Play forum about last Saturday's Dogs in the Vineyard session with Simon and Cristel, I received a lot of reads, but no responses. So I asked whether anyone could contribute some constructive criticism?

Ask and ye shall receive; a Forgite by the name of Belinda K. politely pointed a few things out about my postings that I hadn't seen when I wrote them.

Now, maybe this is the downer after a big high talking, I'm not entirely sure. But I think it's a logical consequence of what I talked about briefly in this post. I've been hanging out on forums and reading all these posts about good play for so long that a great write-up of a gaming session with lots of "Wow! Cool!"s has become more desired fun during the session itself (possibly because I'm often nervous as heck during gaming sessions).

In other words, I was after another Moose in the City. I've read that thread in a mixture of admiration and envy I don't know how many times. I wanted to be like those guys.

Heck, maybe it's been going on even longer than that - I mean, I tried setting up a campaign website for Black Talon not just as an online, easy-access resource for my players, but also so I could have one of those cool gaming websites. You know? My cool gaming site with cool gaming stuff on it.

So, I'm thinking I really need to back off. Now, don't get me wrong, I still definitely want to play some more soon - heck, Trinity Bay Gaming Night is in under a couple of weeks, and I'm still up for it - but I think I'll be taking a few deep breaths before and after each session and indulging the need for gratuitous posting in a private diary instead of a public forum (not to mention keeping a healthy distance from said forums). I also reckon I need more play time as a player rather than a GM. (Interesting contrast with this.)

Coincidentally enough, there's some talk among the family up here of me being taken on a camping trip sometime soon. Frankly, that's probably just what I need - get away from the computers, the forums and the same old mill I keep grinding myself through for a bit. See if I'm actually capable of connecting with people who aren't sci-fi or gaming nuts. Quit being a nerd for a while.

UPDATE 9 March 06 7:19 AM: Maybe I shouldn't have been too hasty in writing the thread off as a mistake. Vincent Baker, the author of Dogs in the Vineyard, has jumped in and wants to know more.

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By all means ask Cristal and Simon for their take on the game. I'm sure you'll get constructive feedback from them.

It's natural that you're enthusiastic...why shouldn't you be? It's your first game in over a year, so if you weren't enthused, I'd be suggesting that it was time to find a new hobby.

I'm begining to think that perhaps you're veering towards designing your own games. You're continually on the search for something 'different', so maybe it's time to have a real shot at it yourself.

Belinda's comments weren't destructive - perhaps a tiny bit jaded - but she let you know what she thought in a relatively kind manner. She got you thinking anyway.

There's room in your life for all sorts of adventures and they're not all taking place on a tabletop or on a screen. All you have to do is be in the right place.

Love & hugs,

I can't second Vickie's take on this enough. I loved the write-up Rob, and it does sound like you had a great time. I had a look at Cristel's blog and she did seem genuinely interested. I think moving it in a more Buffy-esque direction will bring them into the game more, which will further enthuse them about playing that game.

Enthusiasm can have two general reactions, to create enthusiasm in someone else, or to do the opposite. It doesn't sound like they were complaining through the session, or that they seemed disinterested or actively repulsed by trying it again, so I tend to lean more towards the creating enthusiasm half. Time will tell of course.

Also, Belinda is right. You do, on occassion, seem a little over eager, especially with regard to DitV. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but it will create polarisation in the people you are talking to. I've discussed my feelings about DitV with you, but I am glad you got to have a good session of gaming in that setting and system.

Camping sounds like a good idea. It is good to get out and see the country you live in sometimes.

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