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The Call

Folks, my jury number has been drawn - looks like I'm one of fifty people off to the Courthouse on Monday.

Yes, the Courthouse - No, I won't sink a pint or two for you, it's not the Courthouse Hotel, it's the actual Courthouse! The - yes, I know the Courthouse Hotel used to be the actual courthouse, but -

Oh, bugger it. I'll fill you in as best I can later.

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Bugger is right. You have been living there for how long and you get picked for jury duty? That sucks.

*lol* It won't kill you, Rob. Most trials only last a couple of days and you can still go home at night. However, when you consider the odds of being chosen, you've got about a 4 in 1 chance of being picked.

I'm not sure how the Aussies work, but if you're chosen, you're allowed to give a good reason for not being on the jury. Your job can't fire you for being on jury duty, but you can ask to be excused because the duty would cause undue strain on your employment situation.

Again, maybe Oz is different, but it shouldn't be that much different. And you do get paid to sit in the box, don't you?

Hi, Dan, Cheryl,

The way I look at it, I might've only been in Cairns a year, but I've been on the electoral rolls 10 years now, so it's about time!

You can get out of it provided you have a good enough reason. I decided not to, as detailed here:


And the courts do pay, but the good bit is, so does my employer. I have to give them my court cheque, but that's okay.

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