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A Whole Gorram Saleyard

I've been browsing the Waves in the Black forums (for fans of the Serenity RPG) a bit this morning; as I wrote earlier, I've been contemplating a Serenity campaign for Vickie, Simon and Cristel. One of my favourite sub-forums of Waves in the Black is the Shipyards, where players post ship designs they've come up with. When I was last browsing it, a few had gone as far as firing up 3D design programs and done up some natty renders of their ships.

Sine that time, though, a few people have discovered a freeware rendering program called DoGA, and the number - and quality - of computer generated images has, if you'll pardon the pun, skyrocketed.

Here're some of my personal favourites on sale:

And if you're interested in outfitting your new ship, have a look at these hover-mules!

Oh, and while we're on the subject, would you consider a budget option: this used Firefly-class mid-bulk transport?

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