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Not Yet Required

So I went into the Courthouse yesterday, got shown an information video, went into the courtroom and came out of it about fifteen minutes later. My service wasn't needed at that particular time.

I'm still on the lists for the rest of this week and next week, though, so it's still possible I might wind up on a jury before the month is out.

UPDATE 5:50PM: As a matter of fact, the automated message said I'm not required for the rest of the week!

There's still next week, though; you never know.

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When I was elected for Jury Duty in Canberra, My employer asked me "Do you want a letter?" as the first question. I was like... no, I'll go.
Turns out that they were more than a little uncomfortable with my job at a television station with a news room. I rocked up on the first day, only to be told that I wouldn't be needed at all.
I had spent the morning going through my hand-written noted from my Amber campaign, getting my player journal in order. Had other Jurors convinced I was still at school. *grins*
Hella, they even paid me $24 for the inconvenience.

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