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"This'd be the perfect time for a swear-word."

So Simon and I are chatting on MSN about the upcoming Games Night at Trinity Bay this Friday and the characters we're planning for the Living Greyhawk module.

[19:59] Simon Taylor: dont know if ill be a 1/2 orc barbarian or human fighter
[19:59] Simon Taylor: have to have a read and find out
[20:02] IMAGinES: No worries! Still working on it myself.
[20:03] Simon Taylor: so what is it going to be
[20:03] IMAGinES: Think I'll go with the sorcerer.
[20:03] Simon Taylor: nice
[20:03] Simon Taylor: so we going to be at the same table
[20:04] Simon Taylor: (H)
[20:04] IMAGinES: Nah, mate, I'm gonna ditch you as soon as we get in and go play with some more interesting people. :-P
[20:04] IMAGinES: Of course we are! :-D
[20:04] IMAGinES: Well, I hope so, anyway.
[20:04] Simon Taylor: damn
[20:04] Simon Taylor: :P
[20:05] Simon Taylor: so have u played at one of these before
[20:05] IMAGinES: Sort of. I went to Reefcon and played Living Force (only had Star Wars D20 at the time).
[20:06] Simon Taylor: orc barbarian played a bit like jayne
[20:06] IMAGinES: Hahahahahahahaha!
[20:06] IMAGinES: "You don't pay me to talk pretty!"
[20:07] Simon Taylor: me not hired of atitude
[20:07] IMAGinES: Heh heh!
[20:07] Simon Taylor: for atitude even

(slight break for the robo-rollercoaster on Beyond Tomorrow)

[20:35] Simon Taylor: so what race is you sorcerer going to be
[20:35] Simon Taylor: say an elf
[20:40] IMAGinES: Okay, "an elf".
[20:40] Simon Taylor: Muahahahaha!
[20:41] IMAGinES: I mean, I might, just for the fun of it.
[20:41] IMAGinES: And give him some pseudo-Germanic name to boot.
[20:42] IMAGinES: You know, Florian or some such.
[20:42] IMAGinES: Works for an elf, I think.
[20:42] Simon Taylor: 1/2 orc and an elf
[20:42] IMAGinES: Oh, worse than a dwarf and an elf! :-)
[20:43] IMAGinES: Oh shit - Jayne and Simon!
[20:43] Simon Taylor: about the same
[20:43] IMAGinES: "You're like a trained ape - only without the training!"
[20:43] Simon Taylor: yep
[20:44] Simon Taylor: pretty boy
[20:44] IMAGinES: Okay all right, I'll go, just stop describing me.
[20:44] IMAGinES: :-D
[20:45] Simon Taylor: ^o) hmmmmm..........
[20:48] IMAGinES: Except the weird thing is, you're simon.
[20:48] IMAGinES: Which rather scuppers my sudden plan to call my character Simon.

So, yeah, we'll probably be going in with a ready line in banter!

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...You could call him Tam?

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