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The Curse Strikes Again

Remember back in December last year, I made that Blues Brothers crack about Dungeons & Dragons?

Yup, Game Night at Trinity Bay SHS was a no-go. The organiser called me this afternoon at work and said that two of his GMs had suddenly had to pull out (one was called away to Brisbane on business, the other was crook), and rather than play favourites and only run for some (a risky proposition as the organiser is a teacher at the school and many of those going along were students), he did the fair thing and cancelled the night.

So, no first session for half-elf Horst Buchold or Skullcrusher (that's right, isn't it, Simon?) the half-orc.

Still, I dropped over Simon and Cristel's for a chat, and one of the topics of conversation was starting up a game club of our own, advertising it in the paper, roping in any Warhammer or Magic players and running some RPGs as well. It's definitely a thought, but might require a bit of pre-funding that none of us has at the moment.

We'll see how we go!

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