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Come in, Sir L - wait, you're not Sir Laurence!

Vickie has been monitoring the Met Bureau site for the past few days. A low that's been hovering out in the Pacific has developed into a full-blown cyclone, currently Category 2, dubbed Larry.

I just checked the site again. Larry is moving slowly westward, and the coastal region from Cape Tribulation to Mackay has been put on alert. We're close to the Northern end of the zone, but as Larry has been scribing an irregular curve, there's no saying he won't continue to swing Northward.

Vickie's been cursing, as the canegrowers up here are having what looks to be a bumper crop, and to have a cyclone come through and destroy it woudl be heartbreaking and quite possibly bankbreaking.

I've spent some time up on the roof today, putting in some gutter-guard and plugging a few holes in the corrugated iron. I've also been shifting some concrete sleepers, which with any luck should prevent our patio from flooding - it leads directly into our back door, and we don't want our books, furniture and electrical gear wrecked, thank you.

(Ironically enough, today has been very warm and very clear.)

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Hope all is well in Cairns: Innisfail is taking a severe pounding. Not to make too light of the situation, but if this is Larry, I shudder to think what havoc Moe would wreak.

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