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Inbound Hot

We've been through this house like a dose of salts today, getting windows taped, the garden cleared of anything that could become a projectile (or at least making sure any such are low to the ground and/or weighed down, packing the shed (which is now capacity) and making sure we're all right for batteries, food, water and other supplies. I've also helped Vickie's son Karl and his wife Jodie move house.

All the while, Larry has continued his steady course across the Coral Sea toward the coast. He's intensified from yesterday's Cat 2 to a Category 4, and is expected to intensify further before he reaches shore sometime between 7 and 9AM our time tomorrow, somewhere between Innisfail, around 60 Km South of us, and Mission Beach. The Met Bureau are releasing updates every hour on the hour, although there's usually new news only every three hours.

What they're not mentioning on the radio is that there's a second low pressure system moving in right behind Larry. Whether or not it'll turn into a cyclone is anyone's guess.

Much as we'd love Larry to move further South, I figure we've no more right than anyone else to ask a cyclone to not hit us. As it is, Innisfail may well be wiped off the map.

One thing's for sure: I'm definitely not going in to work tomorrow. At the very least, the road to Cairns will likely be cut off by flooding.

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Lesley and I hope you fair well through the storm and know that our prayers are with you tonight and tomorrow.

Best wishes and lots of luck your way.

been watching the tv & hoping you are doing well mate.

Give us a sign dude !!

Brave it well fellow friends - It's as much luck as anything else and I really do hope you come through it all OK.


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