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Ah Gat th' Paawah!

(Bop bop b-b-brrrm bop bop bop b-b-brrrm bop oh oh oh ohhhh... ah gat th' - er, ahem)

Yes, anyway, enough of the cliched Snap! references (not Black Box as I originally thought) and onto the good news: We not only have power back here at Riverstone Road, but after an initial delay, we now have land line and Internet again!

Power came back at around six PM, and I immediately rushed around switching lights and ceiling fans and fridge and freezer and PCs back on. What? The TV? You must be joking. Sunday week ago, the new aerial was pushed out of kilter a little during a storm; we lost signal on most channels, and the remaining one (Seven) was flaky. Yesterday morning, we had a cyclone. Whaddya reckon?

First thing I notice after having logged into my PC is that Skype was offline. I told it to log in; no dice. I glanced down at the ADSL modem, and the Internet connection light was off. Picked up our phone; power was on but no dial tone. Called Telstra's fault logging line on the mobile. Entered our house number as prompted and got an automated message saying there was a broken cable somewhere and estimated time of fix was 7pm EDST, Saturday 25th. So I told Vickie, and we were annoyed, but we counted our blessings.

Just ten minutes ago, the phone rang. Yes, the land line. It was Vickie's daughter Jenny in Brisbane, seeing how we're doing.

So yeah, we're all good! Well, mostly. There's still the yard and that fucking fig tree. Pictures to come. Including one of the aerial, in case you need a giggle! Anyway, 'scuse me a sec - the dog needs feeding! (Ahh, electric can openers - so nice!)

UPDATE: Okay, now this was very naughty of me: I totally forgot to give some much-deserved Mad Props to the State Emergency Services, the local electricity provider, Ergon Energy, and, of course, Telstra for getting things back up to speed so quickly. We honestly thought we'd be without power until Friday at least!

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I've glad you're ok, thanks for the sms! *hugs*

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