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In The Storm

All right, obligatory SF reference over (answer to pop quiz: name of Chapter Ten, The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells). Here's a photo I took from our front window while all hell was breaking loose in Gordonvale:

Horizontal Rain

The rest were taken after things died down some. If you're interested in some "before" photos, check out the set I took around eleven months ago.

This is our back patio:

Wet Concrete

The broken wood is a makeshift door / gate that was from when Vickie had a spa in there (it was removed after she moved down to live with me). Thankfully, it was the only man-made object on our property to "go".

Now, you know that row of palm trees near the back of our garden? There's a photo of them in that April set. Check 'em out now:

Pasted Palms

Here's the result of aerial + gale:

Them Bloody Cockatoos...

And finally, here's a little picture I like to call, "What The Fig?!?"

What The Fig?!?

Okay, they're not the best, but they were taken while it was still raining. I'll try and take some more tomorrow - or ask Vickie to spare some time from cleaning up the yard to take some. Heck, we'll try and get a picture of the refuse pile we're building out the front for Council to take away. And maybe some of the street...

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your poor aeriel. However, if it is giving you better reception now you might not need to replace it. Though if it is covered by insurance, why wouldn't you.

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