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Phew! That Was Close!

Some good news today. Firstly, Tropical Cyclone Wati has been steadily moving away from Far North Queensland for the past couple of days, keeping a rough parallel with the coast as it goes. So it seems we're not in for a repeat performance any time soon!

Secondly, we just had our aerial fixed today under insurance, so we're back with television! Okay, you can argue that that's not necessarily a good thing, but so far we've missed out on Commander In Chief, some Law & Order episodes and the Thursday re-run of The West Wing, so it's not entirely a bad thing to have it back, either.

Thirdly, the debris and most of the fallen trees in our yard were chopped and hauled off by our next door neighbour Mick and his kids on Wednesday. We owe them a great big debt of gratitude, which we intend paying back via two slabs of beer and a barbecue lunch or dinner.

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