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Vickie and I had an absolutely horrid night last night; neither of us could get comfortable enough to sleep for any great length of time. As a result, I'm buggered (and very sinus-y) and am spending the day in.

Yesterday evening, I finally pulled my box of six plastic Arachnid Warriors off the shelf and started assembling one in preparation for the game of Starship Troopers I'll be running for Vickie, Simon, Cristel and (with any luck) a couple of others on Saturday. I cleaned, shaved and glued together, ending up with a rather nasty looking Bug. I put it up on the top shelf of our bookshelves with the Mobile Infantry miniatures.

Around two this morning, with the whole insomnia bit raging, I decided to put another one together. That's when I noticed that the first one was missing. Vickie and I had a look around the shelves, the living room, anywhere else I might have put it after picking it up again (which I don't remember doing; in fact, I remember quite specifically where I put it down); no sign of it. I couldn't (and still can't) see any bits of dog-chewed plastic on the floor anywhere. I assembled the second Bug, had another quick look around, and tried going to bed again.

I'm thinking of putting a third one together - figure I might as well get some painting done if I'm home, the rest of those paints I ordered arrived earlier this week - but I'm a little worried. What if it goes and joins the first one, wherever it's lurking, and takes the second one with it? What if they start breeding? We could wind up with a whole house full of angry Bugs, with no Mobile Infantry to call in! What're we going to do, Mr. Rico? The only hope I have is getting the word out so that the public know about the threat, then maybe someone can do someth - wait, what's that moving by the phone li

UPDATE: Found the little bastard! I just went out the back door to have a look at the flooding in the back patio (I'm thinking aobut setting up my paints there) and my right foot kicked something. It was the first Bug! How the hell it got outside, I don't know, but it must've been out there all night!

It was making a run for the weeds out the back, that was what it was doing. Thet was where it was going to start tunneling, under cover of foliage. Within a week, we would've had a nest underneath the vegetable garden beds, complete with a little Brain Bug plotting domination of the house...

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You aren't the only one feeling the miniatures bug (So to speak) again - I've been looking longlingly at GW's Lord of the Rings game the last few days.

I blame standing on Edoras and the plains of Rohan myself - you can't look out over that view and *not* want to ride forth with sword and spear as far as I'm concerned. :)

So, you gonna be a citizen and do your duty for the Federation? Remember, service guarantees citizenship!

Do you want your paints back?
I can post them for you if you want...

Woohoo! Three comments in the space of an hour! :-)

Gav: Gald to read you're back, mate! If I ever get a raise, I might start investing in the ST Miniatures Game; good things have been said about it and, let's face it, it's MI versus Bugs! (And I'd love to get my mitts on some Marauders...)

Salidar: I am indeed ready to do my part. With my trusty Morita rifle - er, make that Ryobi whipper-snipper - and power suit (read: garden gloves), I cannot fail!

Lauren: What, seriously? You guys paid money for them with my Necromunda kit. Aren't you using them? besides, I bought some paints from MilSims and a whole heap of brushes from the local newsagent, so I'm set right now.

as I recall, I paid SFA for them, and have gotten my money's worth. The brushes are not looking great, I'm a bit rough on my brushes.
But the paints are mostly how you left them. I've had one leak, a green ink of mine, but the damage was mostly restricted to the pots up the newer end.
I can also do things like, go to GW and post you paint or go into tinnies and buy you greenstuff and brushes too.

I'm not back in Sydney yet - that's tomorrow. I am however in a net cafe in Wellington. :)

As shiny as the minis are (And that's very) in the short term I'm more likely to invest in the replica swords than the minis game - they're starting to be discontinued and I want Theodon's and Strider's Ranger sword is I can.

Shit! Even more rapid-fire commenting!

Lauren: ... tell you what, hang onto them for the moment. If I ever start investing in Starship Troopers: The Miniatures Game, I might ask for the lot back. As for GW shopping trips and the like, again, they're not really needed.

Actually, could you send me some of the metals and flesh tones, please? They'd come in handy; the only metal I have right now is Gunmetal. And a decent grey if there's one in there, please?

Gav: Heh heh! Yeah, the swords would be cooler and less of a long-term investment. :-D

it will be next week, as I won't have time to get to the po tomorrow.
I can get you Copper minimum, because I know that I've got 2 pots of that myself. One that Mr Christian donated for the paining of munchkin minis, and one that I bought in brissie when I needed it for flourishes on the bagpipes.

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