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Figging Hell...

Unfortunately, we've had to postpone that Starship Troopers playtest lined up for tomorrow. And it's all the fault of this thing:


A gent from a tree-lopping service is coming over tomorrow morning to take a chainsaw to that fallen fig. Which is a good thing, frankly; the sooner it's gone, the sooner we can tell the insurance company to get to work on fixing the fence up. Only problem is, we don't know how long the job will take, which leaves our players hanging. So, rather than risk my life by tapping my foot impatiently whilst looking over the shoulder of a guy working with a chainsaw, I reckon it's best to put the game back a week.

Frankly, though, I will say this about the insurance company (CGU, by the way), the tree-lopper (Bumblebee Tree Lopping), the antenna guys (FNQ Same Day Antennas), and the aforementioned electricity and phone companies and emergency service folk: Our personal experience with all of the above is that their responsiveness has great, especially considering how busy they must all be at the moment.

Besides, it gives me time to get those Bugs and MI miniatures painted up...

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Hi Sweetie!
You really should mention that the fence in the picture is 2mts high and that 2/3rds of the tree is in the neighbours yard. It only looks like an overgrown shrub in the pic.

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