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Look The World Right In The Eye

In my efforts to cut down, I've stopped hanging around the RPGnet Forums as much as I used to. I've since come tothe opinion that I'm not missing out on much.

Still, that "much" can, every now and again, be pretty damn quality. I'd like to quote a gent by the name of Levi Kornelsen, who's been making a name for himself on RPGnet as the Nice Guy Who Makes RPG Theory Digestible And Interesting. (Not surprisingly, the forum moderators have made him one of their own, probably because theory talk on RPGnet can lead to flame wars, and Levi's theory threads are usually flame-free, more so than most threads of any topic on RPGnet). It's an open letter to members of the roleplaying game hobby in general, and is titled, "Dear Gamer: Walk Tall."

In school, the kids that got picked on were the ones afraid of being picked on. Most of the way through school, I was one of those. The kids that weren't picked on, and often were popular, were the ones that didn't believe that they were going to be, the ones that were simply bigger than that - I started to get this way only a couple years before closing out high school.

Nothing has changed in that regard.

It is my belief that roleplayers get sneered at in many circles because they are shy or ashamed of what they do for fun; this makes us weak in those circles. There is, when you get right down to it, only one way to break this.

Don't admit that you're a gamer. Announce it. Get yourself showered, shaved (as required), and relax in the understanding that what you do is awesome. Learn how to talk about this thing we do, and about how very, very cool it is. It takes, on average, three people telling one guy that something is cool before that guy starts to believe it. This works; believe you me, this works.

Walk tall.

I think it's been working. I've got one person at work curious enough about the hobby that she's willing to ask how my game sessions went (when I mention I've got one on the weekend). Aside from that, a few people have asked what the textbook I'm reading in the lunchroom is, although I think I need to be a bit more confident when I explain.

So I'm not walkin' with a straight back just yet, but I'm definitely walkin' taller than I used to.

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LOL...I know what you mean sweetie...you should try telling people that you're a poet! I'm quite sure they think I write those ghastly verses for Hallmark.
Being a fellow gamer and also your wife, I've never thought of us as being weird or disadvantaged - just members of a fortunate minority.

I"ve found that it's been alot easier since the murder mystery games hit the mainstream in the late ninetys. I usually tell them that the games I play are like Murder on the Orient Express.

People used to tease me about playing D&D, but they stopped when I pointed out that my math, history and English skills were better than theirs - even when I didn't have a high school diploma to match their university degree.

*lol* A couple of them came along for a session or two and had a whale of a time.

It's like my dad used to say - you've got to stand up for what you believe in.

I'd like to add my comments here if I may - I wear my geek badge as a badge of honour over here in the UK. Whenever I am accused of being a geek (quite often) I admit it, and then begin to really wind people up with my level of geek'ness. And accuse them of being either closet geeks or sub-geeks to my awesome geekness. You'll be surprised how many times poeple laugh with you and not at you - and then drop the subject. Stick it to them I say - walk tall, walk proud, and offer to run them a game. Go on - the first's ones for free.....

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