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Shit. Yay! Shit.

An Easter Story: Folks, I have passed a milestone, I have endured a rite of passage, I have become, if you will, a man: I changed a tyre all on my own yesterday evening.

I went down into the casino parking lot last night after work to find the car listing over to one side. The back driver's side tyre was flat! (Shit #1.) Now, as I'd only brought the tyres back up to pressure a couple of weeks ago, I assume that there's some kind of puncture somewhere, although I've not checked yet. Anyway, as I was meant to pick Vickie up from the supermarket here in Gordonvale, I called her and let her know about the problem. Amongst other things, she told me to make sure that I tightened the nuts in an X pattern once I'd put the spare wheel on. So, I opened the boot, organised my tools and set to work.

I was getting worried when, after loosening two of four nuts, the third was absolutely refusing to budge; in fact, the handle of the ratchet wrench I was using was actually bending under the strain. Thankfully, Christine, a friend from work whom we will be visiting this Sunday for lunch, happened by, and she had one of those - you know, that tool that looks like an X, and at each point of the X there's a different socket? One of them - which made short work of that last argumentative nut.

After that, it was jack the car up (although I was worried that I didn't have any wheel chocks), remove the flat tyre (during which time Kristin from work, who's moving to Brisbane next week, drove by and asked what was up), put the spare wheel on (after unfastening the bolt that holds it down in the back of the car), tighten the nuts in an X pattern, secure the flat, put everything away again, went back up to the casino ground floor to wash my grimy hands, met Belinda from work who asked what I was still doing there, washed my hands, got into the lift, met Liz from work who asked what I was still doing there, got in my car and drove back to Gordonvale to pick Vickie up. (Yay!) Naturally, I had a nice shower after I got home; I must've left a gallon of sweat on the carpark concrete!

Unfortunately, I then discovered last night that my nice new sound card in my PC - that Audigy 2 ZS I bought five months ago - may be stuffed. The speakers had been playing up for a while, and a couple of nights ago I noticed that they got flaky whenever the desk moved. I checked the connections and noticed that the jacks had partway pulled out of the sound card sockets, but aftre reseating them my speakers make this horrid static hiss, and sound quality sucks. Last night I tried pulling the card, cleaning it, cleaning the jacks and sockets at both the card and subwoofer ends, then putting it back in; no joy. (Shit #2.) It seems to have something to do with the subwoofer/centre speaker channel; I can have the front and rear jacks in, and sound is fine, but the moment I put the sub/centre jack in, the hiss starts.

Looks like I might have to yank the card and put the old SB Live! I was going to get rid of back in - but you know what? The difference between the two was marginal anyway. Still, I might take the card back to where I bought it, see if they can figure out what the problem is.

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Congratulations on the tyre change, Rob. See? It's not that hard. *lol* It just get frustrating when some mechanic-type (who gets paid to pretend he knows everything) does a tire change and forgets that not everyone has an airwrench to undo the bolts they've done up.

Goodonya, mate!

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