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More RPG on Sunday

Well, well, well! Looks like I'm gonna have yet more game this coming Sunday!

I get a phone call from Vickie yesterday afternoon. She told me that we'd be having a couple of guests for dinner; Rhys, her first grandson, and his sales partner (Rhys is working for Austar as a salesperson), a gent from Canada by the name of Kevin. I say, okay, cool.

Then Vickie drops the bomb: Kev's a gamer, who's been out of the hobby so long that he's itching to game. Coming on the heels of a rather grinding day at work, this was bloody good news.

We have 'em over for dinner, and we get to know Kev some. He's a great guy, well-mannered and cheerful with a line in witty conversation. I also figure he makes no bones about his hobby, considering both that Rhys (who's not an RPGer, though he does play the World of Warcraft) told Vickie about his interest, and that he was relaxed about it in conversation with us (although, again, Rhys had already told him that we were gamers also).

So, of course, Kev asks the question, "So when're we gaming?" After some quick discussion, we decide that Sunday could be okay; Vickie and Deena (Vickie's daughter / Rhys' mum) are off to a baby shower for Vickie's daughter-in-law Jodie, which means that I'm otherwise at home doing bugger-all. But here's the kicker: Rhys says he'd be up for a game as well. (!) I have the feeling Kev makes a pretty good poster-boy for the hobby: he definitely walks tall. (Like I said, I'm still practising.)

The question is, what shall I run? Kev has asked to be surprised, and although I was thinking Starship Troopers (I have Ice Station Zebra 24 and all those pregens) or InSpectres (the very definition of pick-up-and-play), I've already mentioned those to him, so I might cast my eye across the gaming shelf and see whether there's something else I'd like to do. Primetime Adventures is tempting, especially as I've not mentioned it to either of them, but I'm not too sure about whether they'd be keen on a Pitch Session. Dogs in the Vineyard was also mentioned last night, but I'm still a little gun-shy after the last time I tried it. I'm really liking the non-complex, free-wheeling, pick-up-and-play InSpectres at the moment.

I might be getting greedy, but I wonder if I can rope anyone else in?

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Only from afar and I am not sure your rope can reach.

Nup. I might be out in the sticks but my lassoin' ain't that good! :-D

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