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Game Circle

With all of this RPG-related activity lately, it's about time I posted another PG-related Link of the Moment. Game Circle is a new web site dedicated to making connections between Australian players. The aim is to set up local "pools" of hobbyists who get together for short campaigns and are thus likely to stay in the pool, as opposed to Finding A Group and Never Coming Back.

The concept is based around substantial anecdotal evidence that the short, six-to-ten session campaign is much more common than the almost-mythical "One Campaign with One Group that Goes For Years" that Dungeons & Dragons and its ilk try to sell to adult hobbyists who have to juggle work and time commitments. I first came across the idea when RPGnet member Jim Bob presented it in this thread, and it seems like just the thing Simon and I have discussed in the past.

It's still aimed at the "alredy a gamer" crowd, and I'm seriously thinking about garnering interest among those who've never participated in a game before. Still, it'd be nice to establish a pool like that which gamecircle.org suggests. Fingers crossed we can get one going...

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