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A Name For A Granddad To Be

Here's a little something that'll bring a smile to your face, I hope.

On this web log, I don't often mention our Queensland family, simply because they don't often intersect with the portion of my life that I tend to ramble on about in this web log, i.e. gaming. So let me break from tadition and tell you a little more about Vickie's youngest child and only son, Karl. I've mentioned him now and again on here (do a search for his name on the log if you like). Back at the beginning of 2004, he married his longtime girlfriend Jodie, and seven or so months ago, Jodie discovered that she was pregnant with their first child (yes, you remeber right, it was Jodie's baby shower Sunday week ago). With the bub due to drop in the next couple of weeks, Vickie raised the question no one else seemed to have thought of, which is, "What does the young 'un call Rob?"

Now, according to Vickie, Karl and Jodie's baby will be my first official grandchild. I'm not quite sure how that works, as there's no connection by blood. Still, Vickie's not fond of "grand-dad" or "grandfather", mainly because I don't look like the stereotyped image either term conjures. Vickie mulled a few alternatives - I think "Da" was in the running for a while - until she hit upon the perfect name:

(You ready?)


Yep, "Nanna Vickie and GM Rob."

Typecasting, I tell you.

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How about "pops" .. I love that one for you

That's one of the most horrifically geeky and yet endearing things I've seen in a long time - it's very you. :)

Hahahaha! "Pops." Heh! Yeah, that's not bad. Unfortunately, it has the Vickie veto. Thanks for trying, though, Marcus!

And Gav... well, what can I say, mate. You know us so well! :-D (It was Vickie's idea. Honest!)

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