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Welcome, Seth

At around 1.30 AM Friday, young Seth Bowman was brought into the world by his mother Jodie. At birth, he weighed 2.72 kilos (6 pounds, 9 ounces) and was (and probably still is) 52cm long.

Here's a picture taken not long after Seth was born, with the bub in the arms of one of his proud grandmothers.

Mother, father and kid are all great. This morning we popped in to the hospital to visit Jodie (who's acceding under protest to the general consensus and staying another night) and she and Seth are doing well. The youngster slept, stirred a little, pulled some faces, gave Vickie and I some curious looks and passed some gas while each of us held the little tyke. I figure that halfway makes me a granddad; while he did chuck, I wasn't holding him at the time. Vickie was, though none of it actually got on her. (Does that make it almost official?)

Tonight, Vickie and I are off over Karl's place to help him move their stuff out of the granny-flat and into their place. Which reminds me; I must take some pictures of the "granny-flat".

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Welcome to the zoo, Seth! I can't be there to cuddle you, but I'll be thinking about you.

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