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Shiver Me Timbers...

Sheesh! Been a bit of time since I last posted.

First thing I’ve been meaning to post about for a little while: We’ve done some more renovating. Remember that photo of our front verandah I put up a while back? Well, Karl and his brother-in-law David took to the main vertical supports with a chainsaw and knocked the rotting slats and handrail out with a sledge. They then put some stainless steel wire and tubing that we bought a couple of months ago in.

Thursday and Friday before last, Vickie and I took to the wood decking of the verandah with a belt sander – well, actually, Vickie did most of it on the Friday. Trust me, I would have gladly done some, but if you know Vickie, you know that when she decides she wants something done, she won’t bother waiting half a day until the other person who could do it gets home from work!

I made sure to do my bit, though; I went into Bunnings Cairns, bought two tins of decking oil and a lamb’s wool applicator and spread it on the now-bare surface of the deck. I was hoping to get the wood uprights of the fence painted yesterday (we need to take the stainless seel tubes down again to do so), but unfortunately it decided to rain on us.

Still, the front deck is already looking much better! I'll take and post some pictures once I get the painting done. We also got some more decking oil last weekend to give the deck another coat.

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Isn't there a law against titling something "Shiver me timbers" and not having at least 1 pirate reference? :)

What, talk of a deck isn't good enough for you? Or must poop be somehow involved for that to work? :-D

A decks a start, but I heard no mention of rum, cannons or loot...

It's like using the phrase 'The Stars are Right' and not referencing the Mythos - it just isn't done! :)

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