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What - I'm Fit?

Yeah, it's a surprise to me, but it seems like I'm actually not only physically healthy (which I shouldn't really be surprised about, considering the diet Vickie keeps me on), but strong! I don't know when that happened, as I still have a minor case of H.M.T. (Gav, you'll know what I mean) and my six-pack looks more like I've had a six pack too many, but I'm actually mightier than my twenty-year-old, lean-and-toned step-grandson!

Let me explain:

Last Sunday, Karl needed a favour. I've told you about his shed, right? The shed I still need to get photos of, the one you could park a combine harvester in? Now, before Karl and his wife Jodie moved into where they were living right now, it was owned by his then-best mate, who lived there with his wife and kids. Karl bought it from them and then had a heck of a time gettng the family and then their stuff out of the place. And we're talking about just the place at the moment - the house, the yard, the spacious double garage. Not the shed. Needless to say, it's been on Karl's mind for a while, and in payment for assembling our front deck and some furniture for us, he asked for my help in clearing his former best mate's stuff out of the shed.

Now, if you know me, you'd know I wasn't really looking forward to the ordeal. Honest work? That much honest work? You must be joking! But we owed Karl, so I swallowed my petulance, went over Karl's place and the three of us - myself, Karl and Rhys, the aforementioend step-grandson - got stuck in. We worked from eleven AM to seven PM with breaks for lunch and to rest and rehydrate, and the one thing I noticed whenever Rhys and I were sharing a load was that Rhys seemed to be having a harder time of it than I was. This suggested two possibilities: that I wasn't sharing enough of the load or - harder to believe, I assure you - that I was actually stronger than Rhys.

Anyway, we cleared up most of the shed floor and helped Karl re-organise some of the off-floor storage; by the time I finished at seven, I was fighting cramp in my right arm. (No sniggering up the back!) I was also feeling the general strain in my shoulders and upper back, but nothing really hurt. I figured it'd all hit me like a ton of bricks on on Monday morning, when I'd wake up unable to move. I mentioned the whole business of seeming to lift better than Rhys to Vickie, who didn't seem surprised at all, as I'm heavier than him - I just didn't think that meant I had more muscle-mass!

Monday morning, I got up, still feeling strained, but not sore or hurting. I mentioned it to some people at work, one of whom figured I'd feel it the next day. But when I got up yesterday morning, I still felt all right. And earlier this morning, the person who reckoned I'd be feeling it yesterday reckoned I was looking very fit!

And you know what? If we didn't already have plans for the weekend and Karl called to ask my assistance in lifting and shifting again, I'd be up for it.

What a strange, very enabling feeling!

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LOL...firstly in this family we give help where it's needed and 'owe' isn't in our vocabulary ...unless it's borrowed money.
Secondly, you've been gradually increasing your physical work load without realizing it - hence the increased strength. Heck this place is a sink hole for hard work!
I'm glad you feel so good...can I interest you in cleaning out our shed?


Jeez, all sorts of things can scuttle out from under a rock once you find that you've got the strength to lift it. ;)

And, yeah, that feeling of "Wow! I have POWER!!!!!" is quite heady. *g*

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