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Now For Some Of This "Planning" Shit...

So this weekend, we want to:

  • See Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. (Superman Returns can wait until next week.)
  • Do some shoe shopping, as well as any necessary regular shopping.
  • Paint the risers on the front fence.
  • GM The Shadow of Yesterday for Simon & Cristel (an "I" thing, not a "we" thing, which means a bit more juggling).
  • See the first epsiode of the new season of Doctor Who when it screens on the ABC at 7.30 on Saturday night.

This is gonna be a little tricky...

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How was PotC:DMC?

I like Superman Returns. I didn't think I would but it actually came off fairly well. Kevin Spacey was incredible as Lex. Brandon Routh was not that bad as CK/S but I felt he was portraying Christopher Reeve as Superman, rather than making it his own character. Might be my perception but it's how I saw it. The effects were seemless, which is exactly the right way to do it. The woman they had as Lois was good. I personally thought she was more convincing as the feminine Lois than Margot Kidder, but maybe that's just me. The story was pretty well done, but had some continuity holes, which they had already said might be apparent so I cut them a bit of slack. It's not the comic, so if you follow the comic at all this is not that same universe, pretty much. But it is Superman and to see him fly again was awesome.

I dunno, Hayama; we've not seen it yet! :-D

Let's see. Watch Pirates on Friday night. Get up Paint the risers. Take a break and then do the shopping thing. Work on prep for GMing thing and set up to record for Doctor Who. Have dinner. Run Shadow of Yesterday. If recorder isn't working, take a break for Doctor Who because everyone else will want to watch anyway. Finish Game. Colapse in a heap. Get up in the morning and watch Doctor Who if not watch previously or again if you liked it the first time. Go check out the risers to see if they need any touch ups. Do any more shopping that didn't get done on Saturday. Get home and curl up on sofa with a book with Vickie and wonder where the weekend went. How about that for a plan?

Heh heh! Thanks, Dan! We do have some logistical problems I didn't mention in the post, though.

Pirates on Friday night - didn't think of that. Only thing is Deena will probably want to see it too, and she doesn't get home from work until 6.30. So dunno whether a late Friday night session will go down well.

Nope, can't record Doctor Who - VCR doesn't pick sound up from Channel 2 for some unknown reason. While Gav did send the episode to me, we can only watch it on my monitor, which isn't the most comfortable of viewing options. Also, I really want to watch it with Vickie, which counts The Shadow of Yesterday out for Saturday - Simon and Cristel can't come to us.

Painting the risers will also take some prep. In order to make sure I don't get paint on the new fence, the hand-rails will need to be un-screwed and taken down, the ends of the stainless steel wiring attached to the risers will need to be wrapped in Glad wrap and I'll need to put paper down on the decking. Plus, the risers will need a couple of coats, so that'll take some time. Still, I could do the first coat in the morning and apply the second after we get back in.

Hey, Salidar: I remember a certain person was annoyed at the casting of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. Guess he won you over, eh? :-D

He did indeed. It's funny, we just picked up Superman Special Edition from HMV since it was on sale for under $10 and watched it. I like Gene Hackman as an actor, but Kevin Spacey was so much more threatening and malicious that it's like night and day. Tamara has stated, and I tend to ageee with her, that the best Lex portrayal has been Clancy Brown in JL and JLU. Hell if he'd shave his head and audition I think he could even do it in live action. It;s just the menace and personality in his voice truly carries the performance off, and that is the direction Kevin Spacey went. Lex is supposed to be the arch nemesis of Supes, not some bungling two-bit thug, that lives in the sewer and has an idiot like Otis as his lackey. Lex is about Power, the power to win the presidency of the US, the power to realistically control the world, if only there wasn't a Superman.

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