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The Prime-al Urge...

DISCLAIMER: The proximity of this post to my birthday should NOT, in ANY FASHION, be construed as a hint. I do NOT want any one, two or three of these as a present (or a not-present or whatever weaselly twist of words you might be thinking of using in order to get away with spending your money on me).

You've got that, right?

Good. On with it then!

On the general topic of toys, every now and again I find myself wanting to splurge on a new Optimus Prime. I wound up losing part of that Armada Prime I bought a few years ago in the move north, and the poor 'Bot has been languishing in one of my drawers ever since. Since then, new versions of the classic Autobot Leader have popped up to tempt me. Not so long ago, it was the Cybertron Optimus Prime, complete with trailer for $80. He looks pretty cool, right? Still, there was something about the design that, in the end, put me off. Maybe it was the mouth? I mean, Optimus has been so long with that steel shield over his mouth that he looks a little silly without it (especialy as the Cybertron Optimus still has a strip over his nose). And $80? I don't care what David Willis might think, that's a bit much for a freaking toy...

Lately, though, I've discovered some other, more interesting options:

  • Out in November: TransFormers Classics - Voyager Class Optimus Prime. A re-designed version of the orignal Optimus Prime, this one has all the classic cool without the "Hey, half his forearms are missing!" awkwardness (and at nowhere near the price of that huge collector's edition one). Gav, you might want to check that page out; also part of the Classics line are Megatron (who looks a little silly) and Starscream (who doesn't).
  • Out in August: Titanium Series War Within Optimus Prime. A few years ago, the comic book series Transformers: The War Within took a look at the Transformers before they departed Cybertron and landed on Earth, and artist Don Figueroa came up with some stunning ideas for what the Robots In Disguise looked like when they didn't have to disguise themselves. I always thought his design for Prime was cool, but only Issue 1 made it to Australia, so I never got to see what he transformed into. Thus, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover Hasbro have made the design into a transforming die-cast toy!
  • Out Now (I think): Alternators Optimus Prime. If there's one thing about both of those above toys, it's that they look fairly simple to transform. Not that the sequence should be challenging, but there's something about the tactile experience of putting one of these toys though a complicated transformation. That's why I like the look of Alternator Prime, even if he only transforms into a pickup and not a full-fledged truck (sacrilege!). Plus, even though he is only a Dodge RAM, he still looks pretty damned cool!

And to top it all off, they should all retail for AU$40 or less. In fact, it looks as though I could get Voyager Class Prime AND War Within Prime for less than the cost of Alternators Prime. Tops!

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