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Best Laid Plans, Or Lack Thereof

Well, my birthday came and went with minimal fanfare. As I had no real idea how the heck I wanted to celebrate it, I left planning a bit late; by the time I realised what a great idea a dinner out in Cairns on the Saturday after my birthday would be (nice and central for everyone), I only had a week to send invitations. By then, of course, everyone already had plans. So we had a barbecue dinner at our place instead!

I got some very nice presents from Vickie (two new pairs of shoes and The Whitlams’ new double-album, Little Cloud – woman spoils me, she does) and Deena and Rhys (The Polar Express on DVD) and my Aunt Heather (a neat shirt that’ll look good both smart and casual). I also received some birthday money form Dad and my aunt Trish that I’ve since splurged on various things, including a few DVDs, some RPG books (on the way from the States) and a copy of the massively-multiplayer online game Guild Wars.

You may remember that a little while ago I asked if anyone would want to join me in trying out the beta of the game. It turns out I managed to get Dan hooked; he recently mentioned that he went and bought a copy around when the game went retail – while I, of course, didn’t. So, having okay memories of the game play experience, I figured I’d give it a whirl, and managed to snag a copy of the client on sale at the Cairns Central EB for 25% off. The great bit is the fact that there are no monthly fees. So far it’s been pretty fun, and Dan and I have chatted over Skype whilst playing. We’re thinking of picking up Factions, the first expansion, sometime soon (probably after our tax returns come through).

Despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to get any RP gaming in over the last couple of weekends. Remember that list of things we wanted to do Saturday week ago? Well, a trip out to Kewarra Beach, about fifty or so kays away, was added to that list on Saturday morning. Deena was still looking for somewhere to rent, and Vickie found a couple of promising places online that we needed to check out. The first was a wash – it really needed a renovation before being any more than a cheap rental – but the second was pretty good, and with any luck Deena’s rental application for it will be approved (the very first house we looked at a few weeks ago would’ve been fantastic but someone beat us to it).

Unfortunately, it meant I had less time to do the things that needed to be done, and while we still got to see Pirates of the Caribbean (quite enjoyable, by the way) I cancelled the session of The Shadow of Yesterday with Simon and Cristel so that I could get the front deck painted. I really didn't like the odds of the weather not raining if I put it off for another weekend. Turned out to be a good call, because the heavens opened up this weekend. Simon and Cristel's schedules have also got busier with Simon covering for an out-of-state manager at work, so it may be a few weeks before I can hook up with them again.

All is not lost gaming-wise, though. It looks very much like we’ll be able to get another Primetime Adventures game on via Skype this coming Saturday. Vickie, Dan, Salidar and quite possibly Dan’s wife Lesley will be playing and I’ll be producing. Also, Reefcon is on in a couple of weeks and I’ve signed up for a few sessions, which will give me a chance to get to know some more local gamers.

And somewhere in there I’ll be dragging Vickie off to see Superman Returns!

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You haven't seen Superman yet?

I'm shocked. :)

It's well worth seeing - the opening credits with that theme are magnificent.

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