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I'm Get-tin' Thin-ner! Thin-ner, Yeah...

In another item of good news, it looks as though, in the past month or so, not only have I been getting stronger but I've also been getting lighter! I recently stepped on the scales at Vickie's behest to discover that instead of the expected 82 and a half kilos, I'm now only seventy-nine!

Vickie's been commenting lately on the disappearance of my gut, which is odd, because I thought I was gaining more weight. Around my face, anyway. Maybe that's where it was all going?

All that salad Vickie's been serving with her dinners lately must be doing me good!

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Don't mention the fact that, since I've left Sydney, I've gone from 83kgs to 70kgs will you!
Bah...it's all about you.

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