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Another... erm, Wood Panel in the Wall

Well, it’s been an interesting few days since my last post! To start with, Karl has spent today and yesterday at our place, putting new walls in our lounge room (so that the laundry will actually be a room of its own now) and the bedroom (removing the thin divider and old, shabby wardrobes between dressing-room and computer room, so that we can put new shelves and racks in). The work he’s done so far is nothing short of phenomenal; we had a solid wood skeleton for the laundry wall and doorway by the time he left last night, and I imagine he’ll have similar in the computer room tonight, He’s also going to be putting battens on the rear wall of the living room and wood-sheeting that wall and the other three. We still have to figure out what we’re going to do about the surround sound speaker cables…

This means, of course, that the main room is empty of furniture. Karl’s taken the big stuff over to his place on his ute; he ahs plenty of room in his garage to store it until the work is done. With a little juggling, the big TV has been situated down the far end of our dining room, so we sit in the middle of the room, where the main hallway broadens out into the union of dining and kitchen space, on the dining table chairs to watch TV. We were originally thinking that we’d have to use the little set in our bedroom…

I still need to take some photos of our new front deck. I think I forgot to mention that Vickie splashed out on a new lounge set a few weeks ago. It's huge; an L-shaped corner set with three sections and an armchair, and it's a bit more comfy than the old one. It's at Karl's at the moment, of course, but once the renovations get done and it gets shifted back in I'll take some photos.

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