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Crane, Poole & Guild Wars

The weekend just gone was a long weekend for us up here because of the Cairns Show, which ran from July the nineteenth to the twenty-first. We were semi-planning to go, but Friday continued in the trend of a wet and miserable week, so neither of us felt like poking our noses out of the front door. I think I wound up playing quite a bit of Guild Wars; my Elementalist/Ranger is currently sitting on Level 9. I reckon I ought to take a rest so Dan can catch his Warrior/Necromancer up; some of the quests I’m taking are pretty damned tough, even with a complement of Level 6 NPCs backing me up.

I've also joined a guild, an Australian gang who call themselves the Morporkian Mercenaries. I haven't done much stuff with them yet, mainly because I'm still playing through the roleplaying (translation: questing) campaign so I can get the hang of how the skills work. I put a post up on the guild forum over on the Australia New Zealand Guild Wars Community about why I like the game:

I like Guild Wars because of its lack of monthly fees, of course, but also because it cuts out a lot of the number-crunching that many MMOs seem to rely on nowadays (a few years ago, a friend loaned me his copy of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind to try; I wound up uninstalling it after about an hour; I had the same reaction to EVE Online a few months back); the limited attributes and skill slots encourage a little bit of tactical thinking without spoiling me for choice (not to mention the fact that you can completely overhaul your skill slots and attribute points whenever you’re in any outpost or town). It’s just easier to get into than many games I’ve played.

Still, one must be careful. We watched Boston Legal last night (as we always do), and in the midst of Alan Shore and Denny Crane (say it with me: Denny Crane. Denny... Crane.) going on holiday because of Alan's sudden case of "word salad" was Brad Chase representing a friend's computer game company being prosecuted for a young computer addict's death due to addiction-related starvation, a timely reflection no doubt on EverQuest suicides and Korean gaming clubs. Although I doubt I'll get anywhere that far, I certainly don't want Vickie becoming an MMO widow.

She'd probably kill me first, anyway.

So the break from Guild Wars while Dan catches up is a doubly good thing. Triply, if you include the whole Vickie putting Rob out of her misery bit.

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