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A week of ups and downs...

... and we're only halfway through.

Or more, maybe. I think.

On Saturday, Vickie and I took a bit of time out from the ongoing renovations to meet with Tracey, the dissatisfied gamer I met at Reefcon. We had a nice lunch at the Buckin' Mex Restaurant, during which we talked about games, Cairns, study, Canberra and a shared acquaintance (I'm looking at you, Sim). She'll be coming over our place on Friday to GM us some Shadowrun (which edition, I'm not sure). Yes, you read right, I'm going to shut up and play for once!

And of course, the day after is the next session - hopefully the concluding half of the pilot episode - of The Spillane Way. Got a few things to do to prep for that. Still: Lotsa gaming! Tracey's not so keen on the setting for The Shadow of Yesterday, unfortunately, so I might see if I can organise something with Simon and Cristel once the chaos from the renovations has settled down some.

For those of you keeping track at home, Monday the 14th of August was our second wedding anniversary! Vickie and I celebrated with a relaxed dinner at Perotta's, the restaurant we've always liked since Vickie took me there on my first evening in Cairns. The service was uncharacteristically wonky, unfortunately; our main course came out a tad too early, my chicken Caesar salad had somehow become a fish and chips and Vickie's warm chicken salad was absent the pumpkin listed on the menu. Despite horrid flashbacks to Toscani's in Hornsby, though, we still enjoyed our meals and celebrated our marriage in happiness. Vickie says it a lot better than I here.

Mixed up orders were nothing compared to yesterday's drama, though. Remember Ziggy, the red cattle dog staying with us at the moment? I got a phone call from Vickie yesterday at ten AM, saying the little blighter had escaped from the backyard and she had no idea where he was. She realised he'd escaped after Zelda barked at her from outside the gate on the other side of the house and walked all the way up Riverstone Road in the hope of finding him. With no luck there, she realised that if he'd gotten a fright, he'd probably head straight back to our place, and when she arrived back, there he was at the gate.

the drama didn't stop there, however; the blood and bites he was covered in were clear evidence that he'd got into some kind of scrap while he was out. Vickie cleaned him up and took him to the vet's with Rhys' help; nearly $400 worth of examination and stitches later Ziggy was back home doped up to the eyeballs. A bite under his armpit that Vickie hadn't seen had apparently come very close to a major artery. We made sure he got plenty of rest; we put him in the laundry (which is now its own room complete with sliding door; thanks, Karl!) to separate him from Zelda overnight. He was much perkier this morning, thankfully, and Vickie called me this morning to let me know that he's wearing a brand new Elizabethan collar. I'll be taking the bus in on Monday so that Vickie can take Ziggy back to the vets to have his stitches out.

"I really didn't need today," Vickie told me last night whilst having a much-deserved ciggie break on the front verandah. A quite understandable sentiment, I think.

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I've told quite a few people of your isolation...

I don't know who Tracey is by name, but I'd probably know her face.

Just having a silly dig, Sim! Probably could've written it better.

Tracey's formerly of Canberra and was a Pheno organiser a few times. Apparently got you to help out with organising a con a year or two ago.

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