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Holding up a Mirror to Nerdicultural Society

So I was watching Scrubs at 11.30 on Monday evening (yes, I get Mondayitis on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). When I first saw bits of the show, I really didn't think I'd like it - it looked as though it was more of that "Trying Hard to be as Surreal as Monty Python and Failing" comedy that those American-type peoples produce now and again. Then I caught a little of it one day after an episode of Boston Legal - and found myself liking it (I think it was something to do with JD imagining a black Leprechaun). It's zany - but in that silly, not-willing-to-grow-up way I wish life could be like now and again - or, more accurately, it's as silly as I'd like to get away with being.

Oh, and Dr. Perry Cox is House's evil twin brother. Vickie and I love him.

Anyway, last episode, Carla's pregnant, and her husband Turk and his best friend JD are working on the nursery, including mural for the main wall. Carla walks in and asks what the hell they're doing. They turn with big grins and present the wall:

Megatron must be stopped at any cost!
With thanks to TFormers.com

I broke up immediately. It wasn't that it was a kids' nursery wall with Optimus Prime and Megatron - okay, maybe it was, but it was also the sheer nerditude of JD and Turk. I mean, I know these guys, these theoretically adult people who just can't let go. They're me. I was laughing at myself. And I'm pretty sure Vickie was laughing at me though them too, but that was cool!

I'm also pretty sure she's glad that kids are out of the question for us.

Still, young Seth has a room of his own...

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It's a great show isn't it? It took a few episodes to get the hang of it, but it's worth the effort.

(I got hooked on it thanks to the Comedy Channel at work.)

And R Lee Ermey's the Janitor's father - heh. :)

Scrubs is great, I enjoy that it's not afraid to show whatever is in the brains of the cast. K and I bought the first season on dvd for $24, which is about a buck an ep, good value!
Oh, and there's also Arrested Development, which is very similar in style.

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