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The Spillane Way: Timeslot Juggling

Unfortunately, we've not been so lucky with The Spillane Way lately. The renovation work we're doing here is really taking its time, and in order to get it out of the way any time in, say, the next month (before my aunt Heather arrives from the UK), we're having to make it a priority on the weekends. Which means Vickie and I can't really spend three or four hours of Saturday afternoon on gaming, not when we could be sanding, painting, drilling and such. It also looks as though Saturdays aren't working out so well for Salidar, either.

Also, the first session didn't exactly fire as I was hoping it would. I think the main reason is, really, getting to know the game, not in terms of rules (ther really aren't that many) but in terms of me, the Producer, thinking on my feet and driving the events of the game towards meaty, engaging problems that'll interest the players. Still, I've been doing some work on that in the past couplle of weeks; Chris "Bankuei" Chinn posted an article on his Deep in the Game blog called Flag Framing that I've found really helpful. I've used it to create myself a cheat sheet with all my players' Connections and Nemeses on it, with notes on what they want from the protagonists (the players' characters). I think it'll be a whopping great help. In that first session, I was really stumped on how to put meaningful conflicts into the game. Looking back now, I realise there was a simple answer: Drop a Connection or Nemesis into the scene and make their reason for being there at cross purposes to the protagonists.

Still, we have to work on scheduling before I can try that idea out. We'll see how we go!

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