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Where The Hell Do I Know Him From?

Here's a question for you lovely readers, especially those of you who enjoy TV crime fiction: Tonight on ABC screened the last episode in the latest series of the British psychological crime drama, Wire in the Blood. In this episode, the subject of lead character Dr. Tony Hill's first case is released from prison and questions are asked about Tony's interrogation of the man. Now, this character, Jason Eglee, is played by a man whose name (I think, from the glimpse I got of the cast list) was Gerry Conway. And I swear I've seen him on TV before, but I cannot remember where.

Vickie and I are doing a web search, but so far, we have had zero luck finding anything out about this guy, let alone finding a complete bleeding cast list for that episode (even ITV's website is utterly bleeding useless). So I'm hoping you fine folk out ther reading this posting can tell me precisely what this guy's done in the past so I can figure out where the fuck I know him from.

Anyone? At all?

(NOTE: We're both now pretty sure "Gerry Conway" isn't right; he's either a comic book artist or the drummer for the Grateful Dead.)

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He was also the main character in Rocket Man reciently on the ABC.

Thanks for replying, folks!

Cheryl - Unfortunately, no. They've barely updated it with the cast from the first episode of Season Four, and the one on TV last night was the last one.

Dan - You're thinking of the wrong guy. That's Robson Green, the guy who plays Dr. Tony Hill. The one I want to know about is the guy who played the Psycho of the Week, Jason Eglee.

Actually, I have the feeling he just reminds me a bit of Damian Lewis of Band of Brothers and Dreamcatcher. It's not him, though; I would've recognised that name right off.

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