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King of the Mountain

It’s been a busy few days:

Friday and Saturday was the Cairns Amateurs, a horse racing carnival treated with all the pomp and pageantry of the Melbourne Cup (on a local scale, of course). Naturally, The Cairns Post has a big representation there, and as every business who’s any business is also present all of the Post’s ad reps spent Friday there, with a rotating schedule for Saturday. Yours truly was left to man the phones; thankfully I had a backlog of bookings to keep me busy. I was asked whether I could help out on Saturday, but with a weekend of renovation work on the cards, I had to decline. So everyone else went and got pissed without me.

Thus it was that I was at the office when Vickie called in the afternoon to tell me of the second tragedy to hit Australia in one week: National motor racing legend Peter Brock was killed when his Daytona coupe left the road and struck a tree during the Targa West rally near Perth. I doubt many outside Australia would know of Peter Brock; he wasn’t a Formula One driver and the competitions he entered were mainly raced by national drivers. However, locally he was famed for a record nine wins of the popular Bathurst 1000 endurance race, driven annually on the Mount Panorama track, earning him the nickname King of the Mountain. Because of his driving record, appearance and good manners in public, many people also called him “Peter Perfect”, a moniker he was never happy with. Even though he no longer maintained his hectic career of the seventies and eighties, Peter Brock was the figurehead of Australian motor racing right up until his death. He was 61.

Tracey, our Shadowrun GM, was over again on Friday night. She’d had a rough afternoon and was in no fit state to game master, so Vickie and I pulled Chez Geek out of one of our packing boxes and played three games with her. Although I won the first two, the most fun I had was in the third (which went to Vickie, I believe). The stand-out moment was after, as the Corporate Drone (who must amass 22 Slack to win), I’d played some good Booze cards and Hash Brownies (Weed card, 5 Slack). Naturally, I looked well on track to win - when Tracey pulled the Whenever card Visit From Parents out of her hand and played it on me. I had to discard the all my Booze and Weed cards, losing me something like 9 Slack in one fell swoop, and I laughed my arse off!

Tracey, Vickie and I have come to the opinion that if we ever organise a get-together of local gamers, Chez Geek will be the game of choice, simply because it’s such lighthearted fun, even when you're playing like a bastard!

Saturday and Sunday were both busy days. Karl was able to spend some time over our place finishing the ceiling trim in our living room and I spent most of Saturday sanding the villaboard we put up on the walls. Sunday was mainly putting spakfilla on the drill and nail holes in the villaboard and skirting, then sanding it down. I’ll be attacking the ceiling with sandpaper tonight and probably filling holes tomorrow evening. We’re keen to get the painting knocked over as soon as possible, as we now have less than a month before Heather arrives from the UK.

It also looks as though Deena will be moving out soon; she’s on top of the list for a townhouse in Kewarra Beach, which will be nice and close to her place of work. However, being a townhouse, she won’t be able to have Ziggy with her, so he’ll be rooming with us until such time as Deena buys another place; with property prices in Cairns skyrocketing, though, that’s unlikely to be any time soon.

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