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Richard Hammond Injured In Car Crash

You British viewers will likely know exactly whom I'm talking about: Richard Hammond, co-host of the BBC's Top Gear motoring programme, was seriously injured yesterday whilst filming for the show.

Vickie and I love the current incarnation of Top Gear and its three hosts; we watch the show (7:30PM Monday nights, SBS) almost as religiously as I watch Doctor Who. Hammond is great, and I hope he comes out of this all right.

UPDATE: Hammond has reportedly suffered a brain injury due to the crash, but a good recovery is still "reasonably optimistic".

Also: A brief history of Top Gear, and if you ever wondered what happened to the old Top Gear, check out Fifth Gear.

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Thanks for that very sad news. Such a good show - Hammond vs Jeremy is too much fun. I hope he recovers fully and soon.

It's sad, all right, but at least the BBC is now saying his condition is "serious but stable". Hopefully, all that the Hamster comes out of this with will be some scars and a great story for the lads at the pub.

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