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We Have Our Living Room Back!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen; thanks to some dilligent and hard work by Karl (with assistance from yours truly), we now have our main room back and looking far better than it did a couple of months ago! Our furniture is all back from Karl's and we're slowly re-assembling the entertainment appliances; I'll be spending this evening re-organising the cables behind the TV in order to prevent another rat's nest. Once we've put some decorations up on the walls, I'll take some photos for you folks.

The deadline pressure is off, although we wish it weren't. I got a call from Dad on the weekend; Heather had called him and told him that she'd just been in to see the doctor with eye problems, which turned out to be a burst blood vessel. She's in the public health service waiting queue to have it seen to, and until that happens she can't fly. It's a bugger, as we were all looking forward to Heather being here, but at least it ddn't happen midair. I've been meaning to give Heather a call; she's too old to go to pubs and tell the football supporters that they're all Southern pansies.

So the week of leave I was taking before she arrived, whch we were planning to spend frantically dusting and clearing up, will still be spent frantically dusting and clearing up, but in addition, we'll de-wallpaper and paint the kitchen and dining room (another long-overdue job).

Now that the biggest part of the reno work is out of the way, I can start planning some gaming stuff - also, as we'll have our entertainment areas back soon, we'll be able to actually host some gaming, too! Anyway, first on the agenda is another attempt to organise a get-together of all the gamers I know (and like) in Cairns. I've set a date of Saturday, October 14th and sent invitations out last night via e-mail (I spoke with Vickie just now; it looks as though I have at least one person coming along already). I plan to go to a few places during my next few lunch breaks, look at menus and ask whether they'd be willing to let us play a couple of games of Chez Geek after the main meal, provided we keep ordering drinks and nibbles.

My broader gaming-related plans are to GM games of Burning Empires and Dogs in the Vineyard (the latter of which Vickie is dying to play) and play in whatever looks interesting. I recently signed up to a Yahoo! Group, indie-netgaming, and some of its members are trying to organise some over-Skype gaming, which I, of course, stuck my hand up for. Capes was the preferred game, but the organiser also suggested Primetime Adventures, Dogs in the Vineyard and Sorcerer. The organiser is currently juggling the availabilities submittted to him. Shadowrun is still going, although we had to cancel last weekend's session due to the renovations kicking into high gear; between our GM Tracey nipping off to Canberra this week and Vickie's birthday on Friday week, our first full session probably won't be any earlier than Friday the 13th of October.

Wait a sec, Friday the what?

Uh oh...

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Friday the 13th is a lucky day for me. Maybe I'll win the lotto and I can join you for a game. *g*

That's a thought! We'll buy a few Lotto games ourselves; we might even be able to import you for a little bit! :-D

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