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The Shotgun Approach

While we're doing the kitchen over, I've decided to start recruiting for a play-by-post game of Burning Empires. I've put up notices in a few places:

I've got one player already - the friend in Canada mentioned in some of the above posts (hi, Cheryl!). Anyone else interested?

(Don't worry, darling - I fully intend to start pestering you about Dogs in the Vineyard with Cheryl once the kitchen's out of the way! :-D )

UPDATE 12:30 AM 7 Oct 06: Another pellet of buckshot added to the scatter-pattern; this one's over on the indie-netgaming Yahoo! Group.

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I was very interested (Derelict is another pseudonym of mine), but needing to meet at a specific time online will probably be a deal-breaker for me. I've filled my free time pretty effectively :)


Don't worr yourself about it, Mitch, I've pretty much changed my mind about the idea anyway. Read the posts in the Burning Wheel Forum link; that'll explain why.

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