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Gamers in Court

The kitchen and dining room are almost entirely painted. Actually, the kitchen itself is done, aside from a couple of touch-ups. The dining room still needs a little work, though; the skirting boards need a thorough sanding-off before they can be painted. There’s also a vertical trim in each corner where the dining room walls meet that needs a good smoothing-over. I’ll get those jobs done this weekend; we want our dining room back soon!

Still, we’re going to be a little busy. Today at midday, Vickie and I are meeting some local gaming friends at the Courthouse Hotel for lunch and a few games of Chez Geek; Vickie once said that a few of the people coming will probably be glad that they'll just be meeting people without the expectation of having to play an RPG session. It’ll be just seven of us today, Vickie and I included, but I’d like to make it a regular, maybe monthly thing. Getting together with friends has become a tricky proposition lately, not just because of the renovations; I think people’s schedules are getting a little more crowded. Having something regular that you can plan for in advance would help people keep in touch.

I also think we can get more people involved as we go. There were a few people I invited who simply couldn’t make it along today, and I’m pretty sure at least three of the people coming along today know other gamers around the traps. A successful, steady, regular get-together will pretty much sell itself to people.

I’m also contemplating re-establishing the Cairns Roleplayers Meetup Group on Meetup.com; there’s at least one Cairns gamer signed into Meetup.com who’s looking to meet other D&D players. We just can’t get in touch with him without establishing a Meetup Group. Why not just set one up right now, I hear you ask? Simply because Meetup.com has been asking for monthly fees since mid-last year, and as such I don’t want to commit to starting a Meetup group right at the moment without some help. I’m thinking of raising the matter at the get-together today to see what everyone thinks. We might wait a while until we’re confident that we can have a regular get-together with a steady minimum attendance (even if not everyone can make it each time).

Wish us luck!

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