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Dining Rooms, Dogs and Fences

It’s been a busy week. I managed to put the finishing touches on the kitchen painting – there’s a little more we need to do, but we have to wait on Karl’s help with another sheet of Villaboard before we can really finish off. In the meantime, though, we shifted the furniture back into the dining room, which we’ve laid out in a much better fashion; the dining room table, formerly up against one wall, is in the middle of the room and we can get around it and the other furniture without a problem! Vickie made some very nice pictures for the dining room wall, and we had a minor splurge on Thursday night on some good picture frames. I’ll get some photos of the new setup!

So, by and large, the current round of renovations are done; we just have to get a couple more small tweaks out of the way and then we can give it all a rest for a while! When we pick up again, we’ll probably do so with the computer room; the rat’s nest of cables needs some organisation and the new desk we’re going to get should help with that immensely.

Vickie, unfortunately, had a fall on Wednesday night. In an attempt to share some of my load, she decided to walk the dogs with me. Normally, I have to take them one at a time, as walking (well, running) them both and controlling them both are mutually exclusive. Vickie took Ziggy, as he’s smaller and less strong than Zelda. Unfortunately, just after we’d left our front yard, Ziggy decided to run instead of walk, yanking Vickie off her feet; she fell on grass, thankfully, but rolled such that the top of her head smacked into the neighbour’s wood fence. Thankfully, there’s been no serious physical damage, but she’s been nursing an achy, foggy head for the past few days. Needless to say, she took Ziggy back while I ran Zelda; Ziggy got walked afterward.

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Oh, ouchie. I am glad it wasn't more serious. I hope Vickie feels better.

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