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Well, last night’s game session went pretty well. In the end, only Tracey and Brett could make it over. After some chat, we sat down at around 3PM to create an InSpectres franchise and its employees. The result was ParaShoot, a BrisVegas (yes, that was the name of the city) start-up whose headquarters was formerly a demountable foreman’s office on a vacant lot – that was actually an old graveyard. It had great views of the beach, though. The employees were an ex-forensic profiler with a taste for gunplay (Tracey), a stage illusionist who was a descendant of Harry Houdini (Vickie) and an Asian computer geek with cybernetic computer interfaces (Brett).

We started playing the company’s first job at around 5PM; a council worker who didn’t believe in spooks was employing ParaShoot to investigate a strange glowing light coming form the second floor of Hopewell’s (an upscale department store); the light was freaking out his boys and they wouldn’t work. Of course, ParaShoot were the only ones he could actually get to take the case. The light turned out to be a spectral gateway between the music section of the store and an old folks’ home in Indooroopilly, where elderly twin daughters, last of the Hopewell’s line, were amusing the other residents with their skill on the flugelhorn and xylophone while guarding the Hopewell dynasty’s fortune. Or, at least, I think that’s what was going on; we got a bit muddled toward the end there. Poor Brett was also feeling a little lost, I think! Anyway, the portal was broken, the spectral light stopped, and the family fortune recovered.

By that time it was 6:30, and things tailed off a little there. I was keen on some world and character burning for Burning Empires, but Vickie was gamed out; she’s still a little ache-y after her fall. She suggested the three of us play some Dogs in the Vineyard, and Tracey wanted to some more RPGing, but Brett’s S.O. called, wanting him back home. So that was pretty much it for the evening. Tracey stayed for a while longer and got subjected to our tastes in Saturday Night Crime TV – New Tricks, The Bill and The Last Detective. We were also glad to see that Zelda and Ziggy had no problems with Tracey.

We're planning to get together again on Saturday week for Burning Empires. I want to see if I can get Shaun and/or Renee along, because all reports indicate BE's sweet-spot for player numbers is four or five. Fingers crossed...

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