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Confidence Trick

Work’s been picking up quite a bit lately; with the impending seasonal Holiday, we’ve had sales reps out with clients and clients calling in for ad space. Since Wednesday things have been moving at a cracking pace – and I’m rather enjoying it, to be honest.

I think it has something to do with actually trusting myself with the authority I have. It may not seem like much, but a few days ago, while one of my team was asking me to do something, two others approached me for my time. I actually told them “Ladies, I need three minutes.” They both said, “Okay.” and went elsewhere. I got what the first person wanted done out of the way fairly quickly and followed up with the other two. A small thing, yes, but for someone who’s not the best at standing up for himself, it was a significant thing. I’ve been working through the past couple of days with quite a bit more confidence.

After draining the savings maximiser account to pay for some hefty bills, we’re a little tight for cash at the moment. We’ve not been going out, much; with any luck, I’ll be able to get the current tank of petrol to last until this coming Thursday, a good two weeks’ worth. In a few weeks, we have the company Christmas party, which will actually be something of a masquerade ball. Vickie’s already decided on her costume. Me? No bloody idea! Still, we’ll have to pay $60 to get in, and on top of that we have most of our Christmas shopping to do. Things are gonna be a bit quiet on our front for a while yet, I think…

Still, I've been getting a bit more value out of what I have rather than pining for things I don't have yet. Myself, Tony Mac and the Cazman have been playing a bit more Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War in the past week or two. Gav would be in on it as well, but when we managed to get together for a game he had some problems with the latest patch. We parted company while he started downloading the 300MB master patch file from the Dawn of War website instead of the incremental patches that the game itself was trying to download.

While you'd think that'd have me wanting the latest expansion for the game, Dark Crusade - well, you'd be half right. The game we're getting from Dawn of War and the first expansion, Winter Assualt at the moment, though, is more than fun enough; I can wait until Christmas or after before making sure I have all the available races. In te meantime, I'm just waiting until Gav, Tony, the Cazman and I can get together for some 2v2 battle...

Oh, if anyone else feels like a game, let me know, okay?

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Sometimes it's easier to be productive when you're TOO busy. Good on you, though, to stand up for yourself and let your coworkers know what you need.

I can post my cloak up for you if you can get your hands on a darth Maul mask...
or I can send my red & black body paint iffen you want to paint your face up instead...

Sim, Sylph, thank you both for commenting!

Sylph, yeah, I tend to be the kind of person who'll just do something if someone asks, and as such I tend to get annoyed when people ask me stuff. Turning around and saying "I'll get to you, but I need some time right now" that time was good; I stood up for myself without saying "no".

Sim, I'm sure Vickie will veto Darth Maul - we're going as something Christmassy or not at all! Heck, I suggested the Terminator at one point, figuring a silver domino would work well, but "No!" :-D

Still, if we hit on something that could make use of the cloak, I'll be sure to let you know!

How about Jack Skeleton from the Nightmare before Christmas. It is Christmassy. ;)

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