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Fires Over Gordonvale

Gaming-wise, I’m hankering for this coming Saturday, when Tracey and Brett rock on over. I sent the below to Vickie and them last night:

Okay, so on Saturday the 11th I'd still like to play a session of Burning Empires with you guys. However, I know that World and Character Burning aren't exactly playing, and I know from last week that at least one of you wanted to do some more actual play than we did.

So instead of - or, if we somehow wind up having the time, as well as - Burning a World and Characters, I'd like to suggest that we play the first official Burning Empires con module, Fires Over Omac. The world and characters are pre-burned; in fact, as none of it is GM Secret Stuff, I heartily recommend that you download the module and character sheets from here.

I think it'll give us an idea of whether we as a group will enjoy a campaign of Burning Empires before we get seriously stuck into it.

I also downloaded and listened to an episode of another podcast, called GeekNights. The two hosts, Rym and Scott, are very energetic, more so than the Sons of Kryos and a touch less so than the Durham 3. Their topics are also more diverse, covering everything from anime to web tech to their latest podcast as of this writing, covering the US midterm elections.

This particular episode was an interview with Burning Wheel / Empires designer Luke Crane, who himself is pretty enthusiastic. It's worth listening to, if not for the design philosophy behind his games (which is worth listening to), for the stories of his crazy antics whilst GMing a session of kill puppies for satan. It helped clarify some of the things I'll need to be ready to do when GMing Fires Over Omac (and, hopefully, a Burning Empires campaign). It also gave both Vickie and I some good laughs (with it, not at it).

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