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My LJ Friends Page

So it would seem that I don't need an active LiveJournal to have a Friends page, as long as I have a TypeKey ID. Which is cool, because this right here is my LJ, and having an active Friends page means I can access all the protected LJ posts I otherwise wouldn't see. I mean, there I was thinking Gav couldn't be arsed with his LJ because he seemingly hadn't posted since Stormtrooper Detachment Epsilon stood down (November 28th), but after becoming his LJ Mutual Friend, lo and behold the posts that suddenly revealed themselves!

So, yeah, if anyone else wants to be my LJ friend, just look for "ext-2136" or "imagines.herstik.com"

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But friending you back doesn't put your posts on my friends page? I've made this so I don't have to check your page :P
I think it will work!

Ah-ha! I was wondering how to get that to work. I guess there's no way I can get that to appear as my actual LJ content, though, is there?

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