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Reformat This Weekend

After collecting various CDs and apps of data, I've decided to reformat my hard drive and rebuild my PC this coming weekend (unless we have some major plans that I've forgotten about, but I think we'll mostly be shopping). The main factor in my decision is that, on December the first, our ADSLconnection will be going from 512/128 to 1500/256 at no extra charge. Seems Telstra, after declaring loudly and at great length that they give no shits about the bush, is scrambling to catch up with RAWNET and other ISPs who have taken advantage of a federal grant to develop regional broadband.

Then again, it's not exactly a difficult scramble. RAWNET has been advertising its upcoming ADSL2+ service for the last six months but its rollout has hit a few snags; the first accounts were originally meant to go live in September/October, yet now, we're getting RAWNET radio ads saying "RAWNET is behind the Cairns Taipans (basketball team)... and behind schedule!" (Yep, this is RWANET's own advertising.) In the meantime, various ISPs have started trumpeting their own enhanced ADSL services, although I've heard that it's basically the same old situation where the companies lease in buk from Telstra.

Regardless, it ought to mean nice, faster broadband for Vickie and I in but a few days' time (and faster broadband means a less grouchy Vickie). So, hopefully, I should be able to re-patch Windows XP SP2 in jig time - and maybe get some consistent play with the Battlefield 2142 Demo, which keeps losing connection to the EA master server in the middle of games.

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We too are getting the upgrade. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference for Lesley. She is on ME so I am not hopefull, but we will see.

ADSL2+ is worth the wait!
OMJ it's sooooo fast!
I downloaded ep 84 of RvB the day it was announced public, at midday, and I pulled it across at 300kbps!
That's the only time I've been able to get a good number out of it. Usually it pulls things down too fast for the dll rate to stabalise.

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