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A Chilly Eve in Cairns

Saturday just gone was the company's Social Club's Christmas Party at the function rooms of the Shangri-La Hotel in Cairns. The Social Club tries to run an event for employees and families as an addition to the regular, employees-only event; there wasn't one last year, but they certainly made up for it this year. We had to put a little cash toward it, but consiudering the victuals, the view and the company were well worth it!

The theme was a masquerade ball, and as soonas Vickie saw the invitation (prizes for best costume), she asked, "What're we going as?" Being the punster she is; Vickie decided she'd go in a dark, starry cloak over a black dress with "December 24th" pinned to it - The Night Before Christmas, you see - while deciding on Jack Frost for myself (hey, I had no bloody idea what to go as). As I think I mentioned a while ago, we had to do some shopping for material and make-up; Vickie's original plan was to make her cloak and mask, plus a whole costume for me. She got as far as making a good pair of white, draw-string pants before chucking it in; the huimidity isn't exactly conducive to dressmaking. Around that time, she spotted some promotional stills for the upcoming seasonal kids' film, The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause and promptly decided Martin Short's business-suited Jack Frost was the look for me. Thankfully, I already had a business suit; a trip to a charity shop nabbed a spiffy silver tie and a can or two of Santa's Snow took care of the rest!

Here are a couple of pictures of the results:

Making an Entrance

At Our Table

Obviously, white and silver skin-paints are to blame for my icy complexion (no, not moon-burn from too much time in fromt of my PC); the hair was spiked using Fire-Up coloured shaping cream. You can't quite see it from here, but Vickie had lots of star-shaped silver glitter sprinkled liberally through her hair; we had to vacuum through the place yesterday to get the excess that'd spread itself through the house on Saturday evening!

In the end, we arrived a bit late, which is probably why I didn't win Best Dressed - many had already cast their votes for Scott from the printing site, who came as The Crow - but the voting was so close, they laid on a runner-up prize, a $50 Cairns Central gift voucher, which I nabbed (or at least will nab once they arrange it).

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Wow dude - that is such a cool looking costume !!
You so deserved to win the prize.

clever and cheap. Well done.

man -- if you had gotten there a little bit earlier!!

well, you get my vote - both of you...cool,ideas/costumes

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