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Rebuild (Mostly) Complete

Well, folks, I bit the bullet and got stuck into rebuilding my PC. I started work on it late Friday night by backing up my documents and other critical files. I also burned a separate disc of "Rebuild Essentials", all those small apps that we use. I swapped "Spybot Search & Destroy" for Spyware Doctor; we had to pay a subscription fee, but it does a better job than Spybot, so we're happy.

Also helpful was the newly-accelerated ADSL plan we've upgraded to (at no extra charge); we're now back with the same speed we had when on cable at Normanhurst. Downloading all the post-Service Pack 2 patches and updates for Windows XP was a snap. Also, Vickie is definitely much less grumpy, although she's still awaiting my rebuild of her PC with baited breath.

Problems fixed:

  • Whatever it was that caused my DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive to close itself after I opened it is gone. I am happy.
  • I how have heaps more room on my hard drive. Dunno how long that'll last - I have Guild Wars, Dawn of War and the Battlefield 1942 demo installed so far, and I'm not sure which other games, if any, I'll also reinstall. Might have to see if StarCraft's problems have been fixed yet...

Problems yet to be fixed:

  • I can't see Vickie's PC. This isn't a huge problem right now, but I will eventaully want to use her printer and share files with her.
  • Xfire doesn't work properly. No, I don't know why. It installs fine and starts fine, but freezes as soon as the main window appears.
  • In my "Oh, who needs game saves?" zeal, I forgot about my paint scemes and logos for my Dawn of War armies. It's not so bad with the 63rd - I still have their banner and the logo is drop dead easy to re-do, but I've lost the logo and banner files for the Kara-Thenn, which I'll have to do up from scratch again.
  • I still keep ketting kicked out of Battlefield 2142 Demo games because "Your connection to the EA master server has been lost." No idea why, but it's not an uncommon problem, apparently.

UPDATE 5:23PM - Per the comments, Xfire is now working, as is the long-errant StarCraft (it was doing crazy things with the sound card prior to the rebuild).

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xfire has a largish update to dawnload and install last Friday.
It's possible that it's stuck trying to do that.
I had to turn it off, and launch it again at midnight to get it happening.

From the looks of things, it was just a firewall issue; I changed a couple of settings in Kerio Personal and Xfire was good to go.

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