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Dogs in the Workplace

A couple of days ago, Vickie happened upon a printout I'd made of a post on the Burning Wheel Forum about the Vaylen, the alien enemies in the Burning Empires RPG. She read it, and found herself being repulsed by the description of the Vaylen's conquest of humanity, so much so that she wouldn't be interested in playing in a BE campaign. She compared it to the life cycle of the Alien in the Alien movies which I've long-known she has a negative interest in seeing (it put her off another chance to see her favourite aliens in action in Alien Vs. Predator).

So, I decided to put the book back on the shelf for the moment and instead start re-reading Dogs in the Vineyard, probably the only RPG that Vickie’s expressed serious interest in playing on multiple occasions. I still want to run Burning Empires with a passion bordering on mania, even if just one six-session phase, but Vickie actually being keen on one of my myriad RPG purchases (as opposed to just going with the flow) is a rare thing that needs to be nurtured. Besides, I think I can now do better than that first, awkward time I ran it for Simon and Cristel.

Anyway, I took Dogs into work with me yesterday, and was on my way back to the office after reading it in the library at lunch when Suzanne, one of my co-workers (who was outside having a smoke), enquired about it. I told her that it was a game I want to play with a few people sometime, and explained it thusly: “Have you ever had a regular get-together with friends for your favourite TV show where you all watch the episode and then talk about it? Well, this is like that, except you and your friends make the episode up as you go!” I mentioned rules and dice, and Suze sounded very interested, so I’ll have to see whether I can organise something in the New Year. There's another bloke at work who used to play RPGs (although he's more into the CRPG/MMORPG field nowadays) and I'm hoping I might be able to get him into a game also (probably Burning Empires).

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