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I think I might be making some headway in getting the Battlefield 2142 demo to work. After discovering a couple of threads that mentioned disabling your router’s firewall (not likely, chum), I decided to have a look at my router’s settings this morning in the hope of finding an alternative solution. When I saw the “port forwarding” settings, a lightbulb went on over my head. I ran a search for “’Battlefield 2142’ port forwarding” and this little gem of a website came up. I’ve followed its instructions, but didn’t have a chance to try BF2142 before I dashed off to work. I’ll give it a quick whirl this evening, though.

I’m also wondering whether there are any settings that will allow me to Direct Host a game of Dawn of War. Question answered: It does. And I just realised I set up all the port forwards for BF2142 wrong as well - the IP address has to be the static-IP address for my PC, not the router! Duh! Better get that fixed tonight...

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